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2014 ARRL bus trip

2013 CARS Picnic

Meeting in the park

N. Royalton Middle school

2013 CARS Field Day

2012 CARS Field Day

2012 CARS Picnic

2011 Christmas Party

October 2011 CARS Meeting

August 2011 Copley Testing

2011 Cleveland Hamfest

2008 Picnic

March 2006 CARS Meeting

April 2006 CARS Meeting

Field Day 2006

July 2006 CARS Meeting

August 2006 CARS Meeting

October 2006 CARS Meeting

September 2006 CARS Meeting

2006 Christmas Party

Arrowhead School

Meeting in the park

WA8CMS Copley Middle School Ham Radio Club

Boy Scout demonstration

N. Royalton Middle school demo

Christmas Party

Road trip to the Hammond Museum of Radio

ADA held their Americas Walk for Diabetes

Arrowhead School

Field Day 2005